Download 430 downloads. The mids are very good, especially female vocals such as Diana Krall, Shirley Horne, Sarah Vaughn, and Peggy Lee. Although the highs are very bright, the clarity they provide is exceptional and not forward. Info. Free delivery and returns on eligible orders. EBE 65 . The imaging was also quite distinct. i plan not to do so... not because of the warranty but because i like the way they sound. sound!!sound!!sound! Download 1854 downloads. This is not a high end speaker, despite what others think they are hearing. Think the better businees bureau would be interested? - Weeks later, we got wind of the BIC speaker release from the BIC rep, a contract rep at that, who also sold clock radios to local drug stores. 5 Hours. The Boston Accoustic speakers come alive with superior sound on all levels. Shop with confidence. BIC Venturi V-604 Speaker Review, 5 pg, 1997, Full Test, Rare Info. I paid $180 for the pair. 13:51. I have had the V-802 model for about one year, and the sound is very good. They are a steal at the price. In that case I would have lost $40 for experimenting them.After 2 weeks of listening to them. Price, Solid Bass, well-tempered mid-range, GOOD SOUND STAGE, Quality construction, bananna plug connectors. OS2 Overview. When I called, they told me I wound get my second speaker from the manufacturer. A few nicks but very nice otherwise . I bought this speaker for my home theater setup while looking at reviews for the BIC636. Some audiophiiles believe that no speaker finished in vinyl could be a quality product. Capacitors (to set crossover for the tweeter) are about a $1 (mylar caps (better) about $3) Resistors (to choke off the woofer) $1-$4. I can hear the delicate tapping of a drumstick on a cymbal. Vocals truly sound like people singing through cardboard tubes. Highs just a "tad" bright but hardcore "Rockers and R&B-ers would probably love this. music). 1978 Print Ad BIC Venturi Stereo Speaker System ~ The Art of Being Way Ahead. These speakers sound excellent. Secco Sistemi General Catalogue. I have sold Infinity, Klipsch and Kef speakers and for the money you cannot touch the performance of the DV736's. OS2 65. I admit they have a wonderful low end, but they really need the tweak to balance out the mids and highs. Next on the Beatles cd, the vocals were natural sounding as well as the pianos on Lady Madonna and Let it be. While I do not claim that my "modified" BIC736s are the finest speakers I have ever heard,.....I would say without reservation, they are perhaps the finest UNDER $150 audio investment I have ever made....hands down! Download 1457 downloads. Shipping $15.96. For the gentleman who thought my review was absurd, I suggest you listen to several "high end" speakers, as well as low end speakers, and compare the BIC's to them if possible. Possibly one of the best VALUES in hi-fi stereo speakers currently available, even incurring the shipping costs of Ubid. Pair of Sansui Speakers and Yamaha Receiver. However, the BIC DV736 tower, out of the box is the brightest and harsheset of any I've ever auditioned. Over the years, our audio components have consistently earned rave reviews from trusted publications and numerous “Best Buy” ratings from the leading consumer testing magazine. In the short time that B-I-C Venturi speakers have been available to the public, they have earned an unprecedented reputation for reproducing accurate,life-like sound. The sensitivity of the BIC Venturi Formula 2 is so high, that amplifiers or receivers legitimately rated at as low as 15 watts RMS per channel will produce more than adequate sound levels for normal home listening. I have some Dahlquist towers that are very balanced and provide severe lows comparing favorably to the BIC low end. Do not compare BIC speakers with a high end speakers. Download 844 downloads. I got it from Ubid, and they only sent me one speaker like the previous poster. $240.00. !build quality and price shhhhhh not too loud. It's been about 2 weeks that I have been using them. It's an Optonica SA-5405 receiver and a pair of BIC Venturi Formula-4 speakers. I drug them out again yesterday and put them in line next to several different models of Wharfedales, Dahlquist, Acoustic Research, and some less famous brands. The MSRP is $450.00 a pair, and even this is a steal. I then tried this model, and was FLOORED by their quality for the money. In closing,I can't imagine them not being an outstanding choice for home theater use as well. Denver Broncos Bluetooth Speaker. Using the BIC D1210R subwoofer, DV62SI bookshelfs for the rear, and DV62CLR. The list has BIC divided into two different sections. First of all thanks to all those reviewers who answered my email about binding posts on this speaker.I have been a regular poster at the consumer forums and give my opinions as I see things withoput any distortion and was ready and armed to trash this speaker if it warranted but the reverse happened.I paid $140 including shipping from Ubid and they arrived on time, both speakers in perfect condition. ($29 each?) BOSE 321. B-I-C Venturi Speaker Systems. Especially for the price!I have been a audio lover for years (but on a budget) and think you can't beat these speakers for the price. We have a great online selection at the lowest prices with Fast & Free shipping on many items! short break-in time, None.All you could ever ask for for a speaker in this price range. Venturi speakers consists of five models, ranging from a compact bookshelf speaker to large, three-way floor-standing models. dedication for indivdual drivers. First, let me specify that I paid $54 per speaker plus the ubid vig for shipping which brought the total to about $180. I mentioned before about the vocals and "cardboard tube" syndrome. The Bose gave everything a warm sound, I now realize this was distortion. A Pair BIC Venturi V636 Tower Speakers - Very Good Sound - $145 (Southport, West Sacramento) Please specify "BIC V636 Speakers" in your inquiry. I doubt that the Better Business Bureau will reslove your financial loss, but small claims court is effective. Download 260 downloads. Z Reviews 22,403 views. I decided to test these speakers for music. Shop BIC America Venturi DV84 2-Way Tower Speaker, Black (Single). Let me start by saying Wayne's review is absurd. I have a borrowed RS1 hooked up to the other front channel and the BIC sounds much better. Info. Every CD I play sounds better than ever!I'm currently using a Denon AV receiver a few years oldin stereo mode. Venturi Automobiles is a Monaco-based automotive manufacturer.Founded in 1984 by French engineers Claude Poiraud and Gérard Godfroy as MVS (Manufacture de Voitures de Sport), the company's purpose was to compete in the "Grand Tourisme" market.This was only the most recent post-war attempt at building a sporty luxury car in France, following in the footsteps of Facel Vega, Monica, and Ligier. 65-80 of 90 results for "bic venturi speakers" "bic venturi speakers" Even my wife was impressed (and she ususlly likes AM transistor radio sound :) ) Hopefully I will get the 2nd speaker soon. For additional information about US, follow us on FACEBOOK, Runkel Bros Trading Company. without modification very bright.. speaker has far to much lobing beginning at 1800 mghtz. Dahlquist, Acoustic Research, DIY, DB Dynamics, Dunlevy, Wharfedale, Parasound, Arkay, Vandersteen, Canton, Jamo. The V620 we tested is the smallest of the floor-standing units, a compact two-way system measuring 23-3/4 inches high, 9 inches wide, and 11-1/8 inches deep and weighing about 21 pounds. Loading... Unsubscribe from yoyre72? Buy a pair and match with their Model 62 center channel which has been rated as one of the best cc speakers ever made regardless of price. Hide sidebar Show sidebar Thread starter johsti; Start date Feb 3, 2006; J. johsti Audioholic. I dont know of any miracle that can be performed to make these speakers sound better. They blow away my old Bose 601's which I thought were good speakers. I have Wharfedale Rubiance tower models 25 and 27. Mids and highs are extremely bright and harsh. I am not comparing a floor standing tower to a bookshelf speaker, this is just an observation I am conveying. | Tested, ready to go! Hello, well here i''m writing this review while listening to my dv-736''s and let me tell you i love what i hear i''ve had them for five months now and from right out of the box''s i knew i had found an exceptional value wow!! I figured they'd suffice for a cheap system for my garage or basement. I'm using DV64 towers as my mains, DV62CLRS center, DV62si bookshelves for surrounds and an SVS PB10 all running through a pioneer 1015. Sturdy, punchy, tight mid bass. After listening to these speakers extensively for about 6 months, on ALL types of music, I would not hesitate to recommend these speakers to anyone. This is a review for the newer BIC V736 speakers. Does … Great speaker for the money. Switch Lever Thru-Axles. | 4 Hours. I think they have now burnt in and sound great. Quality of craftmanship is not compromised to accommodate a low price. STEEL / BRONZE GLAZING. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | Recently picked up an Onkyo TX-V940 receiver and BIC Venturi V630 speakers from Craigslist. The BIC 736's not only provided more presence but gave the highs a level of detail that was missing from the Paradigms. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. Shipping $12.76. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Venturi BIC V62 Speakers at the best online prices at eBay! and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. clean, crisp highs without being bright, superior bass response for 2 6.5" woofers, excellent build quality for the price. I know this has been said before, but I am hearing things in the music I never heard before. Find great deals on eBay for bic venturi speakers 6. For the speakers: None For Ubid: give them a zero. Two ther major factors are improved grip and decreased rolling resistance. I decided to test this speaker for music. Great sound, excellent match for the DV62clr. They will gladly accept high volumes and sound GREAT wherever you are in the house; this is what really amazed don't have to sitting in front of them to enjoy them. item 6 Vintage BIC Venturi Model Formula 1 Speakers Pair - Tested and Works - USA 5 - Vintage BIC Venturi Model Formula 1 Speakers Pair - Tested and Works - USA . I tried them and they were impressive for the miniscule price, but the drivers were quite small and delicate. BIC Venturi DV32-B overview and full product specs on CNET. Exploded view and Parts List only. BIC Venturi V62 & 300B Amp yoyre72. Condition is "Used".these are a very njce rendition of old school technology "transmission line" speaker box. Venturi tube, short pipe with a constricted inner surface, used to measure fluid flows and as a pump.The 18th–19th-century Italian physicist Giovanni Battista Venturi, observing the effects of constricted channels on fluid flow, designed an instrument with a narrow throat in the middle; fluid passing through the tube speeds up as it enters the throat, and the pressure drops. Approved third parties also use these tools in connection with … Feb 3, 2006 #1 I wanted to give my initial impressions on my modified BIC Venturi Speakers. Although there are better sounding speakers out there. The mids are really nice and the bass is what others have said below, tight. VH1 now sounds more lively and has more kick and sounds more musical than ever. Optimising the Venturi for 28C tyres allows the rider to reap the benefits of wider tyres on a road bike. The V-820 is one of BIC's Venturi line of loudspeakers, whose tapered woofer ducts and vent design are said to provide relatively deep bass response from a given enclosure volume, together with higher efficiency than is usually found in speakers of their size. 1 Hour. They are what they are. I am not comparing a floor standing tower to a bookshelf speaker, this is just an observation I am conveying. Get the best deals for bic venturi at Parts express has 6.5 woofers from 19-39.. replace the lower or replace them both.. a much better product. Shop By Price. 5 Speaker Surround System With Ugrades. eBay. I have Wharfedale Rubiance tower models 25 and 27. May 20, 2008 #3 audioholics has a few tweaks that you can use to make them even better. Discuss: BIC Venturi DV736 Sign in to comment. The result was as Billy Crystal might say, "Simply Maavelous" The entire upper end of this speaker took on a totally SMOOTH character. Be respectful, keep it civil and stay on topic. OS2 75. Really, if you like the way they sound, that's up to you, sir. I don't know if they've been broken in.I tried Raymond's quick cheap fix described in his review and was disappointed. There was not enough presence in the music which is an inherent problem in smaller speakers. P.S. The BIC 736's not only provided more presence but gave the highs a level of detail that was missing from the Paradigms. None, although I suspect they benifit greatly from nice components. The low lows were handled by a Dahlquist 12" sub so I do not know how they sound alone. All their customer support have said that someone from Customer Service will be contacting me. Movies have never sounded so good. great sound, fantastic price at For someone who had been using PSB and Energy speakers, my expectations were very high and i had a buyer arranged for $100 just in case I did not like them. Z Review - Bic America FH-65B - Duration: 13:51. VICEROY CIGARETTE / BIC VENTURI SPEAKER ORIGINAL VTG 1975 PHOTO AD, COLLECTIBLE. Despite the ubid problems it seemed that all the users were very happy with the sound quality. When I was finished, there was NO trace of my visit. and the ConsumerReview Network are business units of Invenda Corporation. changing to a 1.5 cap changes the lobing of frequencies to 2800-3000 this effectively flattens the sound.. of course there are other ways to do this if you are not handy with a soldering iron.. just make a zoebel and place it in between the positive line going into the tweeter. Low price. This is the colouration I speak of. eBay. I wanted to replace the Paradigm Titans which produced too small a sound for HT. The excessive brightness was gone but the overall sound was really flat. Is it worth fixing? JBL Radiance Model R-103. Their mid/high range is very bright, but they are extremely clear and detailed. So far no one has, its been almost 10 days. The speakers have great bass, but one of the tweeters is blown. | Whether used as a traditional stereo speaker or a front speaker in a comprehensive surround sound system, each BIC America Venturi DV64 two-way tower speaker is designed for high performance. Fine looking, ultimately great sounding, especially for the price. item 5 BIC Venturi DV32-B 3-1/2" 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers and DV32CLR Center Channel 4 - BIC Venturi DV32-B 3-1/2" 2-Way Bookshelf Speakers and DV32CLR Center Channel. Perhaps, you're an individual who likes to stand in front of a fire engine and listen to the siren? In my opinion, the BIC 736s rival some larger more popular and esoteric speakers costing 6 to 8 times their price. This type of technology is a part of the group of air pollution controls collectively referred to as wet scrubbers. I'm considering putting them out in the trash and picking up some cheap monitors. Venturi Glazing Overview Brochure. They sounded pretty nice but way too bright. Kudos to BIC. I had requested this speaker be added to the list of BIC speakers but it doesn't look like anyone is running this site.These speakers do not deserve to be sold on uBid for the price they are going for. Download 1270 downloads. Anyhow I am quite surprised with how well the speakers sound - they've definitely exceeded my expectations. BIC Venturi modified by EFE Technology. Some of these include the allowance of lower tyre pressure, running lower PSI improves comfort. Boston Accoustic and Bose. Almost any brand of speaker has some shortcomings. $2.99 . You can almost pinpoint where the sounds are coming from. All Rights Reserved. | matched with the BIC 1010 subwoofer and the 62C center and 62bookshelfs. $5.95. Seems they are sending out a LOT of one speaker systems these days. Via the net I bought a couple of new 3/4 inch audiophile grade Scandinavian made tweeters that are the same size (94mm O.D. I matched with the BIC 1010 subwoofer and the 62C center and 62bookshelfs. gliz Full Audioholic. And getting the 2nd speaker isnt easy. If you are limited on funds and want excellent sounding speakers I would definitely look into BIC. beautiful low end wonderful mids and perfect highs i have listened to many speakers by various mfg but i have to say i''m sold on bic america just a great speaker in fact i am so happy with these i am planing on buying another pair for my liveing room oh by the way i also have the bic dv-62clr-s and it also is just as great sounding as the towers my speakers have never been modified and And I daresay, after extended listening at high volume, you will destroy any ability to hear high frequencies unless you have them balanced (crossover mod).Please note: there is now a category for the BIC DV736, and you must scroll down the list of "B's" to get to it. 38hz response for a cc speaker. Thanks.Clearing up my audio gear, I have a pair of BIC Venturi V636 Tower Speakers for sale. You may also want to buy better woofers than the oems. Remember most manufacturers of loadspeakers put in the most cost effective units in their enclosures that will give them an EXCEPTABLE product.. not necessarily the best.Final thought: there are only 3 ways to modify 2-way speakers.. changing values on the crossover, putting zoebels and chokes in the speaker leads, Or replacing the driver units themselves. BIC Venturi DV64 – 200W 2-Way Slim-Design Tower Speaker & Dual Active 6 1/2” Woofers & Dual 6 1/2” Passive Radiators. Biconex BIC-050 Pair of Tweeters Speakers for Venturi … G2: BICVENTF6SII-SI: 4 total pages, (2 intentionally blank), single-side printed 11in x 17in sheet. Get some books on speaker building before ever attempting to modify ANY LOUDSPEAKER! But for the rest of us, the speakers are very bright and fatigueing. I wish that I had never sold my Boston's to take a new job in the Bay Area. CAD blocks and files can be downloaded in the formats DWG, RFA, IPT, F3D.You can exchange useful blocks and symbols with other CAD and BIM users. I do not care for the sound of the Bose satelite home theater speakers, as the mid range and bass are poor, not to mention the ridiculous price. Although they are bright, they remind me that the BIC's should be clear and detailed without colouration. Other Web Sites in the ConsumerReview Network: | The highs according to some here were soft but I found it slightly harsh but not too harsh. BIC Muro In Wall speakers (pair) $25.00. Crisp highs. Shipping $4.85. Free CAD and BIM blocks library - content for AutoCAD, AutoCAD LT, Revit, Inventor, Fusion 360 and other 2D and 3D CAD applications by Autodesk. $325.00. Now i do have a subwoofer that does the job well but these speakers have added that extra bit. Acoustic guitar sounds totally natural. 2 Hours. Select Your Cookie Preferences. Their center channel and surround/bookshelf speakers sound great as well and are an excellent value. The DV64 tower speakers use the same components as the BIC America DV62CLR-S (center speaker) and BIC DV62si (bookshelf speaker). I moved my auctioning heart to onsale and haven't had a problem. This review is for the BIC 736 not 636. The guitars on the Candlebox cd were crisp and distinguishable while the bass proved punchy. (I paid almost as much for shipping as for the speakers..but..STILL A HUGE BARGAIN!) I'm just going to use them for mixing home recorded stuff. In short, I'm smiling ear to ear and selling some nice Polk Monitor 5 speakers to offset the cost of their replacement. I know this can be achieved with the BIC's, but only after the crossover mod by ED. Download 802 downloads. The link was to Meijer which is a mid-west discount/grocery chain similar to WalMart. it is a steal and had it not been for Ubid's receipt, i could have been in jail.Remember, this speaker needs to be broken in for a good 10 days or so before you hear it's magic work.I highly reccomend this.My System:Denon 3801 ReceiverOnkyo C-601 6 disc DVD playerPioneer 35 disc CD playerHitachi 35" TVMitsubishi HSU 795 S-VCRRCA S-VCRDish Dolby Digital ready Satellite ReceiverDenon Tape DeckBIC DV-736 Fronts, DV-62 CLR Center, DV-32 CLR Back, DV52 SIs Rears. 2:06. Just about perfect size, and good low end at any price. A venturi scrubber is designed to effectively use the energy from a high-velocity inlet gas stream to atomize the liquid being used to scrub the gas stream. $400.00. Nothing that a decrease in treble didn't cure. Shipping and handling. Info. Using a # 3 Phillips screwdriver to remove the original tweeter mounting screws(saving screws of course), a tiny flat-blade jewelers screwdriver(to loosten the middle of the quick-disconnects while carefully removing them from the +, - terminal posts, and exactly 10 minutes of my time, I was able to totally and neatly replace both tweeters. I like the receiver. If you, the rider are more comfortable then you can ride faster, for longer. I also need to mention that the highs may sound tinny out of the box but improves dramatically with only a few hours of break-in. I was looking for inexpensive speakers for my sister-in-law's system and happened upon an older rave review by Julian Hirsch of BIC's model just below this one. EBE 85. However, the BIC DV736 tower, out of the box is the brightest and harsheset of any I've ever auditioned. The current line of B.I.C. Does anyone else have experience with these? Used (normal wear), Excellent condition for speakers made by BIC VENTURI. Connected the speakers to a Denon DAV1800 receiver and it sounds great. 2 Hours. I have seen some auctions where people paid as little as $49.00 a speaker (before shipping). If you want to know more. Free shipping. Their mid/high range is very bright, but they are extremely clear and detailed. Although I have a mid-fi system consisting of HK PT2500-PA5800 combo, Polk Rt2000p speakers, and a Pioneer 301 disc changer for music upstairs. The speaker features dual 6.5-inch poly/graphite woofers and dual passive radiators to ensure impressive mid tones and extra bass extension. 1 Hour . $20.00. The BIC DV736's perform beautifully after sufficient 'burn in time' is achieved (10 hrs.). The best one is to put more poly-fill in them to tighten up the bass. Our store hours are Monday thru Friday 11a-5:30p, Saturday 10-4p, Sunday 10a-2p and anytime by appointment. BIC Venturi V62 & 300B Amp - Duration: 2:06. yoyre72 1,210 views. I did a little experimentation! I am fortunate to have several other brands and types of speakers to compare them to, and I can see they have great potential, especially having listened to them after the EFE Technology modification. bic venturi Unlimited One-Day Delivery and more Prime members enjoy fast & free shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video and many more exclusive benefits. $18.00. These things produce deep tight bass and smooth midrange and treble response. They seemed to be electronically as new and had just a few dents along the rear edges. Boston HPS 8wi Sub. $50.00. B-I-C Venturi speakers represent … I still haven't had mine modified, and I won't use them until they're fixed. The Boston Accoustic Lynnfield speakers are simply awesome. It's hard to not give these speakers a high rating due to the price. eBay. | Play. Bic venturi speakers formula. Based with many reviews, I have no problem recommending BIC's Venturi and Acoustech line for budget minded people looking for that bang for the buck system. Please review our items, if you like to purchase we are located at 141 East Sunset Dr. , Waukesha 53189. Since 1973, BIC America (known to many for patenting our famous "Venturi Port") has offered a wide range of high quality components and speaker systems for the consumer electronics industry. changing to a 1.5 cap sets the cross over of the tweeter at 2800 (originally it was around 1700)this causes the brightness all 3 speakers are producing the 1700-3000 frequencies. We use cookies and similar tools to enhance your shopping experience, to provide our services, understand how customers use our services so we can make improvements, and display ads. Holiday Gift Guide 2020. $150.00. BIC Venturi Formula 4 About. ... Epos Epic 2 now have replaced my BIC FH-65B, Love the Epos more than BIC - … The bass extension for 2 6.5" woofers is awesome. | Shop with confidence. The other speakers I have lack bass, or in one case present too much bass. XT. BIC: Venturi Formula 6 Spec II: Speaker: Service item (List price was $660.00 in 1977-1982) Exploded view and Parts List only. I put on the Candlebox CD and the Beatles 1 cd. I bought this pair of DV736 speakers from via Ebay. This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. (C) Copyright 1996-2018. I admit they have a wonderful low end, but they really need the tweak to balance out the mids and highs. $89.99 +$19.99 shipping. I decided to test this speaker for music. I have owned and heard better, but nowhere near the low BIC price.I was another fool to shop at Ubid. Speakers with sub woofer. NOTE: This is Formula 6 Spec II, and not Formula 6. Free delivery for many products! Those Whafedale Rubiance towers as well as the bookshelf models demonstrate how a speaker can be bright without colouring the sound as the BIC's do. just a bit more freq. If the high end Boston Accoustics are way out of your price range, BIC is the best. Let me clarify changing the capacitor like Raymond mentionsdoes fix this speaker. I have yet to see this in a store. 3 Hours. ØG LIFT AND SLIDE (Zero Gravity) Download 140 downloads. As far as doing anything else to the crossovers..there isnt much else you can do..EXCEPT turn the 2 way speaker system into a 3-way system.. No real benefit. I was totally floored by the sound that came out of these speakers. So, nothing's changed, really. I strongly recommend the BIC DV736 speaker, as it is a very good foundation for an audiophile quality sound, but as they come from the factory, they are merely party speakers for the untrained ear. I love multi channel … $55.00. The funny thing is, for the next few days they have auctioned off at least another 12 pair of speakers. The V-820 is a two-way system with an 8-inch woofer crossing over at 2,500 Hz to a 1-inch soft-dome tweeter. Others are too bright, and some lack mids. Gift Guide. Very fatigueing for lengthy listening. Just stay away from Nice low end, exactly what I was missing from my smaller Polks (anyone want some Polk monitor 5's?). However, the mids and highs are very well balanced, with clarity and detail. COVID-19. 20 Mins. So I sent the crossovers to Ed Frias. Something I cannot say for Bose. Overall quality is Very Good. I just got them back and like other reviewers, I couldn't be more pleased. Based on an eclusive physic principle and coupled with some of the most advanced engineering ever concentrated on a speaker system. )w/ silk domes for under $20 ea. You cannot touch a speaker of this quality (also excellent workmanship) for much more. All Rights Reserved. and were rated to handle at least 150W RMS short term(i.e. let me say that I've been nothing but impressed with them. I'm tempted to say they sound better than my Klipsch CF-1s. The Formula 2 is from 100 to 400% more efficient than "acoustic suspension" type systems, therefore requiring much less amplifier power. get a speaker builders guide at any local library. $7.90. There are two "midwoofers" in a D'Appolto array 'round a dome tweeter. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. The overall construction is pretty adequate and acceptable.Overall this speaker can kick some serious ass and for the money? SUMMARY....IF YOU HAVE CHAMPAIGN TASTE AND A "beer" Budget and are looking for the BIGGEST AUDIO BANG FOR YOUR SPEAKER DOLLAR, ...BUY THE BIC736s NIKE(tm) says, "JUST DO IT!". What I spoke of will become very evident in the face of what speakers should sound like, and what the BIC's sound like out of the box. And I've never seen the current products in any store. Both Jand R and Capital Audio in NY carry BIC but they do not have this speaker in their line.

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