20. It is 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) high! Uruguayan countrymen played test cricket in the mid-nineteenth century. 41. 15. The largest South American country in both size and population is Brazil. The continent is the combination of South America and North America. 43. Between 1912 and 1948, the Olympic Games awarded medals in sculpture, music, painting, and architecture, according to Smithsonian magazine. Differences in languages 3. 14 Essential Things to Know for your Amazon Trip, Buggy tours from Natal – super fun activity. 1. 42. Known as the South, the southern region of the United States contains 17 states, enjoys a warm climate and produces several indigenous crops. Best 50 Places in South America to See Before You Die, 8 Reasons South America Should Be On Your Bucket List, 10 Places You Cannot Miss in South America, The Seven Natural Wonders of South America, Travel to Central and South America: A Reopening Timeline, Country by Country, Tourist Visa Requirements for South America, Ayngelina is an award-winning Canadian travel and food writer who travels frequently in Latin America, While most of South America was liberated from the colonial powers of. Argentina is the world’s 8th biggest, and is the largest Spanish-speaking country. It also has the largest population with 209.3 million inhabitants (2017). The Core of the Continent Is 1-1.5 Billion Years Old. Nuevo Latino cuisine, a fusion of traditional Latin flavors with global food trends, is one example of the global gastronomic exchange that's happening today. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Brazil is the largest country in South America and the fifth largest nation in the world. 9. In addition, there are 3 dependencies i.e. At the geological heart of all continents are cratons, the oldest and most stable parts, usually found in the center of tectonic plates.The craton at the core of North America is called Laurentia, and was formed during the Proterozoic era. Costa Rica is a small country that is located in Central America. The continent is located in the … The “Catatumbo lightening” occurs in Venezuela. Mexico lies at the southern end of the country and thus connects the U.S. with the other South American countries. 5. It is bordered by the Pacific Ocean to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east. 40 Interesting Facts about Argentina. Abortion is still restricted in Argentina except in cases where the life of the mother is in danger or rape. 26. Get facts about Amazon River here. The history of South America is the study of the past, particularly the written record, oral histories, and traditions, passed down from generation to generation on the continent of South America.The continent continues to be home to indigenous peoples, some of whom built high civilizations prior to the arrival of Europeans in the late 1400s and early 1500s. Shutterstock. Most people in the Beaver State speak six words in the time it takes the rest of the country to say five words. Argentina is the eighth largest country in the world. 41. Thanks to all this, I have collected some facts about South American countries I would like to talk about, and some of them might be considered quite quirky. The largest country on the continent is Brazil, while the richest country in South America is Argentina. South America. 40. Oregon Is the Fastest-Speaking State . But opting out of some of these cookies may have an effect on your browsing experience. 40. That's not just true for rich tech icons. 40 Facts So Funny They're Hard to Believe. It is believed to have originated from the Incas. It is the fourth largest continent in the world. 50 Fascinating Facts about United States. 82% of the continent's population consider themselves to be Roman Catholic. Ecuador is the first country in the world to have granted constitutional rights to Nature. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. +001 917 336 2937 OR +44 1525 306 555 By Bob Larkin. 2. While America is known as the Land of the Free, its presidential home, the White House, was built by slaves. These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. The Amazon rainforest is the largest in the world. The Amazon rainforest is considered to have the greatest biodiversity in the world. Interesting facts about Chile. Argentina and Uruguay – Tango . Most Americans consider themselves as fairly knowledgeable about their country's history.They could probably tell you that Abe Lincoln was the 16th president or that Teddy Roosevelt was a proud "Trust Buster" or, at the very, very least, that we've been around since 1776 (and formally so since 1789). Exotic, enticing and undeniably fun, South America’s infectious rhythm encapsulates the soul of the region and inspires even the most timid traveler to bop along with the beat. Due to its triangular shape, it has the least amount of coastline compared to any other continent. claimed by an independent country: Falkland Islands – also called the Malvinas (British territory – Argentina is still trying to claim them), French Guiana (territory of France), South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (British territory). Facts about America 4: the largest river basin. The original inhabitants of South America are believed to have descended from the same Asiatic peoples who migrated to North America from Siberia. It has about 300 billion barrels of oil and 21,000 quadrillion cubic feet of gas reserves. Top 20 North America Facts 1. Outside of the region, the United States is by far the top destination for South American emigrants, followed by Spain (1.8 million), Italy (518,000), Canada (338,000), and Japan (265,000), according to mid-2017 estimates by the United Nations Population Division. Their designs are so big that they can only be understood from space. In the Northern hemisphere they are sometimes also known as tundras, and in the Southern hemisphere as desert grasslands. 4. South America is found in the western hemisphere. 17. It is separated from Asia by the Bering Strait. It spans some 8,900 kilometres from the north to the south of the continent. The llama (Lama glama) is a large, furry mammal that was domesticated in South America thousands of years ago for meat, fur, and as pack animal.Although related to camels, llamas don't have humps.Llamas are close relatives of alpacas, vicuñas, and guanacos. Tango dancing originated in the lower-class districts of Buenos Aires in Argentina. South America; Africa; Australia; Go! Interesting facts about South Africa. Costa Rica has been ranked as the happiest country in the world. South America is very diverse. Largest Country: Canada.The country is covering almost half the North American continent's land area. 22. Brazil is not only the largest country on the continent, but it also has the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, with 21 in total, with Peru in second place with 12 such sites. Although they are all different species, a group of llamas, alpacas, guanacos, and vicuñas may be called lamoids or simply llamas. The Pan-American highway with its 30,000 kilometres is the world’s longest motorable road. Together with South America and Oceania, North America makes up the ‘New World’. 37. The capital of Brazil, Brasilia, was build from scratch following the design of the famous architect Oscar Niemeyer. 34. 31. SABMiller is considered to be the largest beer brewing company by volume, in the world. 7. Canada is slightly bigger than the USA and about as big as China. The name “Argentina” derived from the Latin word “silver”. The largest South American country in both size and population is Brazil. It is a network of roads starting in Alaska in North America and leading all the way to the lower part of South America only interrupted by some 160 kilometres between Panama and Colombia. Epic … In this article, I want to share with you some interesting facts about the Japanese and facts about Japan. Last updated on: May 29, 2020 by Sanne Wesselman. 27. 40 Fun Facts About Mauritius. After a heated debate in the post-war years, the competitions were scrapped. 3. 50. The South contains Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, the District … 2. One of the interesting parks – Lencóis Maranhenses National Park is home to sand dunes that are formed by wind and ocean currents. North America takes pride in having three of the largest and most prosperous countries in the world: the United States, Canada and Mexico. September 9, 2020. 1. 01 of 25. While pop, reggaeton and cumbia might dominate the charts, it’s the traditional music of each county that really endures. It is 1000 meters high. For some 160 days a years Lake Maracaibo can be struck by lightening for 10 consecutive hours. Call us in the US and the UK to have a chat to someone who has been there and stayed in all of the properties. There are many large river basins in America. Indian, African-American, French, Spanish and Mexican influences contribute to the southern region's food. Fun Facts about South America: The highest point in South America is Cerro Aconcagua in the Andes Mountains in the country of Argentina. A Children's South America Book Kindle Edition by Bold Kids (Author) Format: Kindle Edition. South America is home to the driest place on earth i.e. 21 Insane Discoveries in South America - Duration: 8:48. Argentina was the first country in South America to authorize same-sex marriage in 2010. This diversity is also found in the culture and the history of the continent, and once you start to think you understand the region, you will find out a new fact that adds a new perspective or facet to your understanding of the continent. Fact 1 La Paz, Bolivia is the highest capital city in the world. Until 1985, Uruguay was under a military dictatorship. It is theorized that South America and Africa were once together in a single continent called “Gondwana”, along with Antarctica and the Arabian Peninsula. It is common for visitors to suffer from altitude sickness. It is the second smallest (or fourth biggest) ocean on earth and covers approximately 35,000,000 sq km, which represents 6 percent of the earth’s surface. See all formats and editions Hide other formats and editions. A beautiful view from Chapmans Peak of Hout Bay harbour, South Africa. 32. 25. So, to answer the question, we consulted our dog experts and came up with this list of the nine best apartment dogs. Check out 50 facts amazing facts about South America - Pan-american highway - Lake Titicaca - Andes - Anacoda - Condor and more. 38. It is a fusion between African and Amerindian traditions with some European influence. the Atacama Desert in Chile. It ranks fifth after Asia, Africa, Europe and North America. Here are 40 Interesting Asia facts. The South is considered the area south of the Mason-Dixon line and the Ohio River. 11. 1. The largest city is Sao Paulo, Brazil, which is also one of the ten largest cities in the world. It contains one fifth of the world’s freshwater. Two of the four remaining areas of pristine tropical forest in the world are located in South America, and while most people are familiar with the Amazon rainforest, the Iwokrama Forest is located in Guyana and is one of the few remaining habitats of the Giant Anteater. In Africa, they are known as savannas, and in Australia people often know them as rangelands. The diversity is not only limited to the landscapes, people and culture, but also offers a wide range of sports and activities for the dwellers of this region. South America - South America - Tropical and subtropical rainforests: Rainforest covers the largest part of the Amazon region, most of the Guianas, southern and eastern Venezuela, the Atlantic slopes of the Brazilian Highlands, and the Pacific coast of Colombia and northern Ecuador. It is believed that there are still native tribes living so deep in the Amazon rainforest that they have not yet been contacted by any modern man. The Pantanal is a natural region encompassing the world’s largest tropical wetland area. Argentina is the third most populated country in South America with a population of about 40 million. New; 31:40 . The first humans crossed the Bering Strait (formerly Bering Land Bridge) from the territory that is now considered Russia some 15,000 years ago. 40. Lake Titicaca is the largest lake in South America and straddles both Peru and Bolivia. Whether you prefer speed and danger or enjoy the slower and more patient forms of adventure like long-distance hiking, there's something for everyone to fire up your adventurous spirit. What are the best apartment dogs? State State rank by area Total area (sq. 4. At 3.8 million square miles (9.8 million square kilometers), it is the world's third- or fourth-largest country by total area. 20 Interesting facts about South America. In South America, they are known as pampas. 12. 24. 3. 39. 41. The Mayans, Aztecs and Incas all have their roots in South America – and they were among the wealthiest, yet most mysterious, colonies in the world. 14. South America is home to two of the largest countries in the world. It is bordered by Nicaragua to its north, Panama to its south, the Caribbean Sea to its east and the Pacific Ocean to its west. DO NOT RUSH WHEN YOU VISIT SOUTH AMERICA. South America is the fourth largest continent in size and the fifth largest when we consider population. These cookies do not store any personal information. La Paz is considered to be the world's highest administrative capital, and at 3,640 meters above sea level, it is common for visitors who travel directly to La Paz to suffer from altitude sickness. Our journey from San Pedro de Atacama in the north to Punta Arenas in the southerly tip was fun and fruitful and taught us many interesting facts about Chile, the best of which we share below. The triangular continent of South America stretches from north of the equator almost down to the Antarctic Circle. Our South America Facts for Kids bring you lots of interesting and fun facts on the South American continent. Image credit – Ben Crouch. from short trips to traveling the world & living abroad . 4,600 miles of Brazil’s coastline lies on the Atlantic Ocean. At 22,837ft, it is actually considered the second-highest mountain in the world – after Mount Everest in Asia. The longest mountain range in the world, the Andes Mountains, is in South America. The Largest and Smallest Countries in South America. Approximately one third of the world’s coffee is produced in Brazil. mi) Water area (sq. There is a significant difference in terms of the wealth of the population in different countries on the continent, with. 1. 42. 50 Fascinating Facts about Costa Rica. 36. 3. It is native to Peru, Ecuador and Chile. 48. It extends over some 195,000 square kilometres. In the west, the Andes tower 22,833 ft (6,959 m) high, forming a backbone down the entire length of the continent, along the Pacific Ocean coast. While pop, reggaeton and cumbia might dominate the charts, it’s the traditional music of each county that really endures. It is also considered the rainiest city in the world. A beautiful view from Chapmans Peak of Hout Bay harbour, South Africa. This month, we feature South Africa. The median age of a person in the country is 27, compared to 38 in the United States, 40 in the United Kingdom, and about 47 in both Germany and Japan. The main island of Mauritius (called Mauritius) is only 28 miles wide and 40 miles long. The country has a population of over 325 million, making it the third most populous in the world. The Venzuelian Simon Bolivar was one of the greatest military and political figures in the history of the continent. From the high peaks of the Andes all the way to the beaches of Brazil, South America is full of natural beauty. It lives in the Amazon. Suriname is the smallest country of South America with a population of only 490,000. Europe and Asia, mostly have steppes. South America is the world’s fourth largest continent. Interesting facts about Uruguay’s sports, size and more… 7. It is estimated that around 40% of the world’s plant and animal species are found in South America. Most of South America is located in the Southern Hemisphere. Last month we gave you 20 interesting facts about the land down under. It was formed only’ 30 million years ago after the Antarctica and South America moved apart. Venezuela has the largest known oil and gas reserves. Total population of South America is approximately 422.5 million (2017). Five of the top 50 largest cities in the world are located in South America, and starting with the largest, these are Sao Paulo, Lima, Bogota, Rio, and Santiago. 29. Facts on South America: South America stretches across 6.9 million square miles. From their meat consumption, tango dancing and diverse culture, these interesting Argentina facts will blow your mind. He led five countries, namely Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia (as well as Panama, in Central America) to independence from the colonial powers. 16. Good candidates adjust easily to smaller spaces, don’t bark much, and aren’t overly aggressive. South America is the fifth largest continent in terms of population. Of the 12 million South Americans residing outside of their country of birth, about 4.2 million live elsewhere in South America. 44. The world’s most southerly city is located at the tip of Argentina and is called Ushuaia. There are about 150 languages that are used in Brazil. Those include La Plata, Amazon and Mississippi. 4. 6. Use the “previous/next” buttons at the bottom of the table to check out the other states. They are Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname, Uruguay and Venezuela. According to the UN approximately 94.6% of the country’s total land mass is covered by forests. South America is an amazing continent, and while there are some wonderful beaches and coastal areas to explore, there is also plenty of mountain terrain to explore, too. It rains some 5cm a year. 30. Venezuela was named after the Italian city of Venice. Below is a list of 50 states with their total area, land area, water area and percentage of water area. It contains three very different landscapes. The statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was named one of the “New Seven Wonders of the World” in 2007. It gets its water from the “Garua” – a blanket of low clouds hanging over the coast for most of the winter. This category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of the website. According to the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, Cape Town is the fifth in line for having the best blue sky on earth. It was played f. PicFacts. Every year, South Africa moves about two inches farther away from South America as a subtle continuation of continental drift. 42. Facts … With its 8.516 million square kilometres it covers half of the continent’s land mass. Argentina and Uruguay – Tango . The Itaipu Dam in Paraguay is the world’s second-largest hydroelectric facility and supplies three-quarters of the electricity used in Paraguay and 17% of the electricity used in Brazil. The port city of Buenaventura in Colombia is considered the wettest inhabited place on earth. Lake Titicaca spans between the borders of Peru and Bolivia. Jewish and Muslim populations of Argentina are the largest in Latin America. The USA is a country located in North America. The largest river of the world by volume of water is the Amazon River in South America. 8. Source: Media Source 31. South … Chile is home to the world's driest non-polar desert, the Atacama Desert, and parts of the central desert area are known to regularly go without rain for up to four years at a time. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. America Canada. Brazil was once ruled by the Portuguese. Image credit – Ben Crouch. The Southern Ocean also encompasses the South Pole. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. North and South America were named after Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. Amazon Price … 25 Most Amazing Ancient Ruins of the World - Duration: 31:40. touropia Recommended for you. Simon Bolivar is one of the greatest military and diplomatic figures in the history of the continent, having led five countries, namely Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia (as well as Panama, in Central America) to independence from the colonial powers. 19. 28. Pedro Álvares Cabral was sailing for India when he landed on the Brazilian coast on April 22, 1500, claiming Brazil for the Portuguese Empire. With landscapes as varied as its people and a vibrant history full of the very best and some of the very worst, the country is far from boring. The portions of the landmass that lie south of the Isthmus of Panama became known as South America. The section in the northern hemisphere includes Venezuela, Guyana, French Guiana, Suriname, parts of Brazil, parts of Ecuador, and nearly all of Colombia. Differences in climate throughout the continent 2. Argentina legalized same-sex marriage in 2010, becoming the first in Latin America and the 10 th worldwide. Lima, capital of Peru, is the second driest capital of the world after Cairo. Religion is an important part of the culture in South America, and across the continent, around 90% of people identify themselves as Christians. 45. Argentina was the first Latin American country to produce a pope. Fun Facts about South America: The highest point in South America is Cerro Aconcagua in the Andes Mountains in the country of Argentina. Where is the highest waterfall in South America? South America was discovered by the Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci, and at the end of the 15th century and the start of the 16th century, he spent a long time exploring the eastern coast of the continent. South America's Most Romantic Places. Sail to victory on your next Trivia Tuesday with these funny facts. Out of these cookies, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are as essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. 5. 49. Today, South America is home to the citizens of Colombia, Venezuela, … The Condor is the world’s largest flying bird. PicFacts(1-500) PicFacts(501-1000) PicFacts(1001-1500) PicFacts(1501-2000) PicFacts(2001-2500) PicFacts (2501-3000) PicFacts (3001-3500) PicFacts (3501-4000) PicFacts … The highest mountain in South America is Argentina’s Aconcagua and stands at over 6,961metres high. Most of the continent is in the southern hemisphere, although some parts of the northern part of the continent fall in the northern hemisphere. And for outdoorsy travelers, the continent offers plenty of adventure. Chile is the world’s longest country from north to south measuring at 4,620km (2,647mi). 18. It is one of the few countries in South America to have access to clean water for its entire population. The Amazon rainforest is considered to have the greatest biodiversity in the world, with hundreds of different animals species, around 40,000 plant species and a stunning 2.5 million different species of insects. The capybara is a mammal living in South America and the largest living rodent in the world. It is home to the vast Amazon rainforest, grasslands like the pampas plains and savannahs such as the Atacama desert. Plant and Animal Facts. South America is home to some of the most amazing geographical features including the Andes mountains, the Amazon basin and rainforest, the Brazilian highlands, the pampas plain, the Pantanal wetlands and the Guiana highlands. Brazil became the first South American country to accept women into its armed forces, in the 1980s. 2. South America For Kids: Discover Pictures and Facts About South America For Kids! The explorer Americo named it “Veneziola”, Italian for “Little Venice”. 28. Andes mountain system in South America is the second highest mountain range in the world, next to the Himalayas, in Asia. With regard to sports activities, the people residing in South America have a large number of options to choose from. Pre historic ruins of Axtecs and Mayas 4. Exotic, enticing and undeniably fun, South America’s infectious rhythm encapsulates the soul of the region and inspires even the most timid traveler to bop along with the beat. 2. Its 3 quadrillion gallons are enough to cover both North and South America under one foot of water. Spanning the border between Peru and Bolivia, Lake Titicaca is often considered to be the highest commercially navigable lake in the world, with ships carrying vehicles and passengers across the lake. Here are a few interesting geography facts related to South America. Argentina is the eighth largest. The United States of America (USA), commonly known as the United States (U.S. or US) or America, is a country located primarily in North America, consisting of 50 states, a federal district, five major self-governing territories, and various possessions. Even if the house of only 12 countries, we are talking about one of the biggest extension lands worldwide. Approximately 40 percent of the plant and animal species around the globe can be found in South America. The country of Mauritius includes the island of Mauritius, Rodrigues and the outer islands (Agalega, St. Brandon, two disputed territories, and a number of smaller islands.). Do you know the 10 natural wonders of South America? Otherwise they both belong to the camelid family. The Aconcagua in Argentina is the highest mountain in South America with its 6,962 metres. The Amazon river has over 15,000 tributaries four of which are over 1,600 kilometres long. South America Facts. Portuguese is the language of Brazil. South America comprises about 12% of the earth’s land. 2. The magnificent Andes Mountain runs along the western coast of South America. South America is an immensely vibrant and diverse continent. SABMiller is considered to be the largest beer brewing company by volume, in the world. South America and North America are named after Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci, who was the first European to suggest that the Americas were not part of the East Indies, but an entirely separate landmass. mi) Land area (sq. The United States is a fascinating place. America is named after Amerigo Vespucci, the Italian explorer who set forth the then revolutionary concept that the lands that Christopher Columbus sailed to in 1492 were part of a separate continent. Fact 3 It is the fourth largest continent in the world. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. Japan, with a population … Ten interesting facts about South America could be: 1. It is the fourth-largest continent in the world and accounts for 3.5 percent of land area. The highest waterfall is Angel Falls (Santo del Angel in Spanish) located in Venezuela. Its official name is the United States of America, or it also known as simply the United States. The Aconcagua in Argentina is the highest mountain in South America. 31. South America is a continent in the Western Hemisphere, mostly in the Southern Hemisphere, with a relatively small portion in the Northern Hemisphere. The difference between a Llama and an alpaca lies in the shape of their ears, their face and their size. The largest ever captured was 5 meters long, and weighed 99 kgs. The countries of South America are also part of a larger cultural region known as Latin America , in which most of the people speak Spanish or Portuguese. 1. The dunes can reach heights of 40 meters. Colombia is not only the least peaceful country in South America, but it also spends the greatest proportion of its gross domestic product on its armed forces, with 3.4%of its GDP spent on the military in 2016. There are 12 independent countries in South America. They were created between 450-600AD. Ecuador is home to over 1000 species of orchids. 23. Shutterstock. Most of them can be found on the eastern side. What's the Difference Between South and Central America? It extends some 4 million square kilometres and covers 40% of South American territory. It is often considered to be the highest commercially navigable lake in the world with ships carrying vehicles and passengers across the lake. More Articles You May Like: Fun Facts About South America Quiz for Kids Cheap Places to Live in South America FREE Online Country Guides . Argentina; Brazil; Chile; Colombia; Ecuador; Peru; GENERAL TRAVEL TIPS; LIVE / WORK ABROAD; Search Search. Quechua is the most common indigenous language in South America. Shutterstock "You don't really start getting old until you stop learning," software magnate and billionaire philanthropist Bill Gates told Time. Fact 2 Brazil is the fifth largest country in the world. #1 Dog for Apartment: Affenpinscher AKC Dog Personality Description for Affenpinscher: Confident, Famously Funny, […] North and South America were named after Italian explorer Amerigo Vespucci. 40 Fun Facts About Japan. According to the UK’s National Physical Laboratory, Cape Town is the fifth in line for having the best blue sky on earth. There are 23 countries in North America (see list of the ten biggest countries on the right) and 9 dependencies with a total of more than 590 million people living on the continent. South America covers an area of 17,840,000 square kilometres. The Nazca Lines in the arid coastal region of Peru cover some 450 square kilometres. 8. South Africa Facts. Located towards the western coast of the continent, the Andes is the longest mountain range in the world, and its peaks can be found spanning a range of 4,500 miles from the north to the south of the continent. 10. Ten fun facts about South America. It is connected with South America through the Isthmus of Panama. It has more water than the next seven largest rivers combine. You might know already that South Africa has 11 official languages and was the recent host of the 2010 FIFA World Cup, but here are 20 lesser known facts about this friendly and fascination country.

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